Jungle Hijinxs is a stage based on Donkey Kong Country Returns in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U. It is the first stage to have dual planes.

Stage Elements

The biggest element is the second plane in the background. Players reach the background via on of the passing Barrel Cannons. The background plane has larger blast zones due to the screen size being bigger in the background.

To deter running away to the other plane, the barrels have two additional elements. the first element is that players who have just used a barrel will be on fire. The fire does no damage but will cause an explosion if players use a barrel while they still have the fire effect. The explosion does some damage and leaves them open to their pursuers. The other element is that barrels come and go so players cannot wait out their fire effect and easily escape to the other plane.

Sometimes a part of a platform gives way forcing players to suddenly recover. There can be a barrel underneath which can hurt those who just used one. Also, sometimes, statues appear in-between the planes and if the players use a barrel with a statue in its path, the statue gets knocked over into the plane and damages players in the way with some knockback.



The stage's name originates from the first stage in Donkey Kong Country Returns which originates from the original Donkey Kong Country.

The Dual Plane element comes from a similar element in Donkey Kong Country Returns where the player can be sent to the foreground and background in various levels. The Kongs get sent between planes via barrels just like the stage.