Jump Super Stars(JP) is a Nintendo DS video game released in 2005. It was published by Nintendo and developed by Ganbarion. It is a fighting game that features characters from the Shonen Jump manga universe. The game, due to licensing issues, was never released in America or Europe, though some major retailers such as Best Buy imported the game due to popular demand.


The game is similar to Super Smash Bros. not only because of its gameplay, but also because it brings various characters from different series into a single video game, which also happens to be a fighter. The characters are all from the Shonen Jump manga, and include the likes of characters from series such as Bleach, Death Note, Dragon Ball, Eyeshield 21, Naruto, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and many more.



In 2004, Hitoshi Yamagami, the head of Nintendo SPD at the time, had contacted Ganbarion to see if they wanted to develop the title.[1]


The game got a sequel named Jump Ultimate Stars.


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