Julia ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is the daughter of Arvis and Deirdre, the younger twin sister of Julius, and the younger half-sister of both Seliph and Saias. She is the descendant of Heim on her mother's side, Fala on her father's side, and Saint Maira on both sides. Cigyun, Kurth, and Victor are her grandparents.


Sometime before the second generation begins, Julius obtains the Loptyr tome from Manfroy and is thus possessed, causing him to kill Deirdre. Before her death, however, Deirdre managed to warp Julia out of the castle to safety. As a result of the trauma she suffers from the incident, Julia ends up losing her memories. Julia is then found by Lewyn, who cares for her until Seliph chances upon them after retaking Ganeishire, whereupon Julia will join the liberation army. Seliph will then give her either the Nosferatu or Aura tome, who picks it up at the castle he conquers after her enlistment.

Julia is shown to harbor feelings for Seliph prior to learning of the fact that they are half-siblings.

In the beginning of Chapter 10, Julia is abducted by Manfroy and thereafter taken to Chalphy Castle. Her memories are restored here, and she will meet with her father Arvis momentarily before Manfroy takes her away once again. In the Final Chapter, after a short conversation with Julius, Manfroy brainwashes Julia to fight Seliph's army. She is later freed from the spell when Manfroy is slain and is spoken to by Seliph. Lewyn then reveals that Arvis swiped the Book of Naga from Belhalla and hid it in Velthomer. An enchantment is then placed over the tome, causing it to be unlockable by Deirdre's circlet, an item which Arvis entrusts to Julia prior to going to battle with Seliph.

After the war, Julia will reside in Grannvale and rule the country with Emperor Seliph.

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