Judd is a cat in the Splatoon series. He is the referee in the Multiplayer modes. Li'l Judd is a clone created from Judd.


12000 years before Splatoon, Judd was the cat of the professor that created Commander Tartar amongst other things. Before the human extinction, the professor cryogenically sealed him inside a capsule. Judd is the only organic creature from the old world still alive and is hinted to have a very long lifespan since he is depicted judging ancient Turf Wars and the Great Turf War in some Sunken Scrolls, which would imply that it is at least over 2000 years since he exited his cryogenic sleep.

As of Splatoon 2, Judd used the machine who kept him alive after the extinction of all land life form to create a clone of himself who would eventually be known as Li'l Judd

Splatoon series


After the match is over, Judd will judge which team wins by judging how close they got to completing the objective. In Turf War for instance, it's whoever covers the most ground. In Splat Zones, it's whoever let the main timer get closer to 0. The arrow on his tail points to the winning side.

After he's done judging, Judd can be found taking a catnap on a trash can in Inkopolis Plaza.

Splatoon 2

Judd returns in Splatoon 2 and once again plays the role of the referee, now joined by Li'l Judd. Judd represents the player's team, called "Good Guys", and Li'l Judd represents the enemy team, called "Bad Guys". When the "Good Guys" win, Judd brandishes a flag in their ink color and Li'l Judd falls down in defeat; the opposite happens when the "Bad Guys" win.

He once again takes naps when not judging battles, and can be seen sleeping in Inkopolis Square with Li'l Judd sitting on top of him.

Super Smash Bros. series

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Judd and Li'l Judd both appears on the Moray Towers stages. Judd will brandishes a flag in the color of the current winning team.

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