Jubilife City is located in the Sinnoh region. There are no catchable Pokémon in the city, though there are many other things to do here. In all, there are 24 different buildings, with only nine of them you can actually go into. Major places in the city include the Pokétech Company HQ, the Trainer's School, the large Jubilife TV station, and the Global Trade Station (GTS). As in every city, there is a Pokémon Center and Pokémart, as well as some houses. It should also be noted that the Jubilife Condominiums are featured in the northern part of the city.

Places of interest

Jubilife TV

Global Trade Station / Global Terminal

Pokétch Company

Trainers' School

Jubilife Condominiums

It is the building to the northeast. The old lady on first floor says how fetching a Pokétch is, and the young girl with a Pachirisu and Pikachu gives the player a Quick Claw.

The second floor has a girl tells about the advantage of Heal Balls and the Bug Catcher lectures on new moves. This floor is an educational one for new trainers.

Important residents

Other information

  • In the very left building, which is also the entrance to Route 218, you'll find a fisherman that will give you an Old Rod if you say yes to the question "Is an Old Rod a good thing?"
  • Before you can get a Pokétch device you have to find three clowns which are all around town. One of them is behind the Pokémon Center, One in front of the TV station, and one in front of the Pokétech company building.
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