Jr. Troopa is a Koopa Troopa who appears in Paper Mario. He is really just a big bully who hangs around the Goomba Village. Ever since Mario defeated him, he has been seeking revenge on Mario. He appears in the game countless times, becoming harder to defeat each time. He is seen wearing a spike and bat wings. He also is seen with a magical stick that he uses to cast spells. The last time Mario encounters him is near the end of Bowser's Castle. When fighting Jr. Troopa for the last time, he has all his stuff from the other battles like the bat wings, the spike, and the magical staff.

Before Chapter 1

Jr. Troopa first appears in the game questioning Mario why he is in his territory. He engages Mario in a fight and Mario defeats him with the hammer he found. He runs away saying he will be back.

After Chapter 1

After Mario and his party save the Star Spirit, Eldstar, they head back to Toad Town on Pleasant Path. They encounter Jr. Troopa again. He fights Mario with the new ability to hide in his eggshell. But he is defeated and left unconscious.

After Chapter 3

Mario and his party walk out of Forever Forest after rescuing Skolar. Jr. Troopa is lost in the forest and runs into them. At first he's relieved, but then he realizes who he ran into: Mario! They fight again and Jr. Troopa shows off his new ability to fly with bat wings. However Mario defeats him again and he soon escapes the forest.

After Chapter 5

When Mario heads back across the ocean from Lavalava Island, Jr. Troopa has swam across the ocean to fight Mario. He sees Mario heading the other way. He swims all the way back following Mario to Toad Town. He fights but his HP is low from all the swimming. He shows off the new spike on his head along with ability of flight. He is defeated once again. He remarks he still would have full HP if he would have flown to Lavavlava Island instead of swimming.

During Chapter 7

Mario and his party head to Starborn Valley. On the way, they encounter Jr. Troopa again. He fights using his new ability to do magic with a wand. He is a tough opponent, but he is defeated again and left unconscious. If you hit him on the head, normally he says "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" but in the Shiver Region he says "NOOOOOOO!!!". When you leave the area, then come back, he is a frozen block of ice.

During Chapter 8

Mario and his party are at the last Bowser head door in Bowser's Castle. Their goal to pass is to defeat the Koopa Bros.. Jr. Troopa runs in and defeats all four of them. He battles Mario and his team using all the abilities he used earlier in the game. He is defeated and runs away.

End Parade

He is in the ending parade battling Kammy Koopa in a magic battle. They hit Bowser and he shoots them with a fireball burning both of them.



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