Joy Mecha Fight(JP) is a notable Japanese-only video game that was both published and developed by Nintendo for the Famicom. While it's not Nintendo's first fighting video game (following the NES game Urban Champion), it is one of the better ones, and is considered better than the aforementioned video game.

The main character is Sukapon, and although there are a total of 36 playable fighters, only eight of them are usable in the story mode. These robots are designed to lack any limbs, their body pieces instead floating freely via some unknown force. This style, unique at the time, means that each piece was rendered as a separate sprite, allowing Joy Mecha Fight to feature the smoothest animation of any Famicom game.

The game functions similarly to most fighters of the time. Two opponents are pitted head-to-head on a 2D plane, although the arena tracks endlessly rather than ending at a wall. In a portentous coincidence, each character has four different special attacks, and battles play out in a system of three stocks, rather than rounds. The combatants' positions are reset when one loses a stock, but the other's health is only partially restored.


The following are the controls for Joy Mecha Fight. Note that the buttons are the buttons found on a Famicom controller, which is almost identical to a NES one.

  • Left/Right (D-Pad) - Move the character in the corresponding direction. Pressing away from the opponent blocks attacks.
  • Up (D-Pad) - Makes the character perform a jump.
  • Down (D-Pad) - Makes the character perform a crouch and block.
  • A Button - Makes the character perform a punch.
  • B Button - Makes the character perform a kick.

Note that most of the attacks in the game require you to press multiple different buttons in a row, such as up d-pad and b for a jump kick.





Sukapon was included as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, which marked its first appearance in a new game in fifteen years. It is also set to appear as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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