Jin is a Flesh Eater that serves as one of the main antagonists of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and also as one of the main protagonist of the Torna DLC. He used to be Lora's Blade during the Aegis War and became a Flesh Eater by eating her after she was fataly wounded by the Indoline Loyalists 500 years before the events of the main story. He then becomes the head of Torna, the terrorist organization who wants to capture Aegis after meeting Malos once again. He wears the mask Lora made for him to hide the upper part of his face.


Jin is first fought as a boss at level 40 at the Haggle's Swordtip in the Central Plain of Temperantia. He is then fought as a level 46 boss at the Genbu Crown in the Head area of the Kingdom of Tantal. He is fought a third time at level 54 in the Gotrock Oracle Ruins in the Lower Level of the Cliffs of Morytha along with Malos. He is fought one last time at level 66 at the Lv. 4, Megrez in the Upper Level of the World Tree.


  • Ultraslash - Knockback
  • Skyward Slash - Blade Affinity Down
  • Heavenly Disrupt - Topple / Launch / Smash
  • Empty Moment - AOE / Evasion / Blowdown
  • Demon Cloak - Taunt
  • Stunned Swallow - Evasion / Counter / Launch
  • Zero Zone - AOE / Nulify Heal
  • Bladeless Blade - Evasion / Blowdown