Jill Dozer, simply called Jill and known as Dori Kururi (ドリ・くるり) in Japan, is the cute and pretty heroine of the Game Boy Advance hit Drill Dozer. She is the daughter of Doug, who is the leader of the Red Dozers (a group of thieves). It is said that for years many group of Thieves have been in search for the Red Diamond, which is a powerful diamond that would grant its owner any wish. Luckily Doug’s wife was the person who found it and gifted it to Jill before she died. Though the Red Dozers are a group of thieves, they are kindhearted and only protect the diamond instead of using it for corrupt wishes.

Jill in Action

Time passed and rumors started spreading that the Red Dozers had the diamond. Word got to the Skullkers, a cynical gang that pretended to be a harmless group. Struck with envy after hearing this Croog, the boss of the Skullkers, and his gang plotted an attack for several months. They waited for the perfect moment to attack and steal the diamond. Then one day, when Jill was still in school and the Dozers were out doing a job, the Skullkers attacked Doug. They succeeded and stole the Red Diamond, Doug was severely injured, when Jill and the Dozers arrive at their house they help Doug and put him in a bed to rest. The group felt regret for leaving Doug alone, during their conversation they find out that the diamond was stolen. Then Jill makes a plan to take the diamond her mother gave her back and defeat Croog and his cynical gang. So she takes the great Drill Dozer, and her companions decide to assist her; controversially they name her their new boss for the moment. So then Jill starts her adventure, in it she finds several secrets, one in which the Skullkers were planning to collect other diamonds to gain ultimate power. After finding that out Jill adds another task to her mission, so she goes in search to collect the other diamonds in hope to prevent Croog from his evil plan and get her sacred gift back.



Jill’s Assist Trophy in Brawl.

Jill appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as an Assist Trophy. She attacks the players with her Drill Dozer. Jill was nominated as the best new character in 2006, and her game won Gameboy Advance's best game of the year for 2006. After the game is completed once Jill can change her colors of her suit to red, black, and Yellow. She also wears the outfit worn by Pokémon's female protagonist Leaf, as well as wearing Mimi's (from Mendel Palace) outfit.

She is also portrayed in the fan parody There Will Be Brawl.

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