Jet Grind Radio (also known as Jet Set Radio in Europe) is a video game for the Game Boy Advance; it is a remake of the original copy launched for the Sega Dreamcast under the title of Jet Set Radio, although that title was retained for the European copies.

Whilst the original version was a property of Sega, a Nintendo port was released a few years later on their behalf by THQ, after the demise of Sega Dreamcast. This was one of the many Sega games that were breathed a new life on their competitors' consoles, other examples being Sonic Adventure DX.


The player has to cover up rival gang signs while not getting shot by the police. The city is divied up by different gangs. The player can play as different characters. The game uses cel-shaded graphics. The characters you can play as are Gum, Beat, and Tap. You use inline skates to jump, grind on rails and hang on the back of cars. There are many different types of missions. The missions are to face off against a rival gang or cover up their graffiti sings.

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