Jeanne d'Arc is a playable dragon in Dragalia Lost.

Official Description

A merciful, eternal knight about whom legends abound, she takes the form of a young maiden. She's said to appear whenever people are suffering—be it from corrupt government or fiend invasions—and lead them to salvation.

Official Description (Dragonyule Jeanne)

Jeanne d'Arc has donned a beautiful dress for Dragonyule. She acts embarrassed to wear it, but deep down enjoys doing so. Despite her new attire, she hasn't lost her high-minded spirit, and watches over everyone as they enjoy the holiday.

Official Description (Gala Reborn Jeanne)

The dragon maiden who guides all, now freed from miasmal corruption, shines with newfound luster. Inspired by the youth's hopes for a radiant future, she hoists the standard of battle to offer steadfast support to her warriors.