Japanese playing cards refer to playing cards of Japanese origin and include Hanafuda, Hyakunin Isshu, Karuta, and various others. Japanese playing cards were among Nintendo's most successful products prior to entering the toy industry, along with Western cards. To this day, Nintendo produces several different Japanese playing cards.


Game Description Picture
Daitouryou Nintendo's most popular Hanafuda card game. Features Napoleon on the box.
Kôsai no Tomo A luxurious Hanafuda set made exclusively for the rich.
Mario Hanafuda Cards A deck available only through Club Nintendo, featuring Mario-series characters.
Miyakono Hana A Hanafuda variant.
Tengu A Hanafuda set with Tengu on the cards and box. Nintendo still sells this brand of Hanafuda.
Mario Napoleon Hanafuda Cards A deck available only through the Japan Nintendo store, featuring Mario dressed as Napoleon.
Mario Pikachu Hanafuda Cards A deck available only at the Pokémon Center, featuring Pikachu dressed as Mario.
Kirby Hanafuda Cards A deck featuring Kirby-series characters.

Hyakunin Isshu

Game Description Picture
Basic Hyakunin Isshu Set A basic set without many luxuries.
Golden Hyakunin Isshu Pack A very expensive Hyakunin Isshu set which is priced at 800,000 yen. The cards in this set are made of pure gold.
Patriotic Hyakunin Isshu A Hyakunin Isshu set with nationalistic poems, released during World War II.
The Dancing Fan A Maôgi variant.


Game Description Picture
Animal Crossing Karuta A Japan-exclusive Club Nintendo gift, featuring Animal Crossing characters.
Fairy Tales Karuta Karuta intended for children that are based on Japanese properties, such as Manga Nippon Mukashi.
Iroha Karuta Primarily about Japanese culture.
Nazo Nazo Karuta Intended for children and focuses on riddles.
Norimono Karuta Intended for children and features transport-themed cards such as trains and plains.
Shôgaku Karuta Another Karuta set built for children that focuses on each grade school year.

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