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Japan (JP) is an island nation off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland and stretches from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the southwest. Its capital city is Tokyo.[1] It is the location of Nintendo's headquarters and a wide number of Japanese publishers and developers.


Kyoto is a city in Japan. It is the location of Nintendo and has been since 1889 when Fusajiro Yamauchi founded the company. Most of Nintendo's internal Japanese development divisions are found in Kyoto, such as corporate, Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development, Nintendo Platform Technology Development, and various others.



Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and many video game developers are stationed here. In Tokyo, HAL Laboratory, The Pokémon Company, Creatures, and Genius Sonority are stationed within the same building: the The Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo building, previously known as the Nintendo Tokyo Prefecture Building. Interestingly, every company is heavily involved with the Pokémon franchise. This is no coincidence, as years before this arrangement happened Nintendo was planning on placing all of the studios together in one building. GameFreak is among the only major Pokémon developers not placed within the building, though this can be concluded due to not actually being owned by Nintendo.

Nintendo EAD Tokyo and HAL Laboratory's second office is stationed at a building in Kanda Suda-cho.




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