Janken Disk Jō is a Family Computer Disk System video game that combines puzzle-solving elements with the elements associated with a role-playing video game. Diskun is the main character, and all the text is in Japanese. This was the final game ever released for the Family Computer Disk System before the system was discontinued by Nintendo in favor of newer platforms.


The object of the game is to navigate through a dungeon full of monsters while grabbing the treasure. Different rooms (some with treasure) have blocks with Rock, Paper, and Scissors symbols.

The player must move the symbols to make the blocks disappear, such as lining up Scissors with Rock to make Scissors disappear. There are multiple symbols on the screen, and some include a color value system, making it more difficult for the player to completely understand the symbols.

Items can be used for the player to successfully navigate the dungeons and accomplish the game's ultimate goal: don't get killed. Players can roam freely through the towns talking to non-player characters.

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