Janaff ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Due to possessing an impeccable sense of sight, he thus serves as the 'eyes' of the Hawk King Tibarn. Janaff is also a good friend of Ulki's.


Path of Radiance

Janaff is introduced to be one of Tibarn's right-hand men in this game, where he is often sent out on errands to conduct surveillance on vast areas of land on his master's behalf.

When Reyson later joins the player's army in Chapter 18, Janaff, alongside Ulki, is instructed to serve as his bodyguard. When Naesala appears as an enemy unit in the next preceding chapter, Janaff is capable of convincing him to leave the battlefield, where he reveals that Ike's forces have managed to rescue Reyson and Leanne from Duke Tanas' grasp.

Janaff will then remain with Ike's forces until the game concludes.

Radiant Dawn

Janaff makes a re-appearance in this game, resuming his position as the 'eyes' of Tibarn and an advisor to Reyson. He plays a very minor role in the game, and only speaks a few lines.

Janaff will stay with the Laguz Alliance for the rest of the game, and may be brought into the Tower of Guidance to face off against Ashera.

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