Jam with the Band(JP) is a Nintendo DS video game released on the launch day of the handheld in Japan. It is a sequel to Daigasso! Band Brothers. Nintendo of America planned to release the game in the states under the name of Jam with the Band, though it was cancelled for unknown reasons. Nintendo of Europe released the game in Summer 2010. The game is a music title that includes a variety of licensed songs, classic songs and new Nintendo tunes. The game also features a mode where you can create your own songs.

The game was initially planned for the Game Boy Advance, though it was cancelled for a variety of reasons and merged to the Nintendo DS, which had the perfect format for what the developers at Nintendo R&D2 were looking for.


The 38 available songs in Band Brothers span various genres and even include classic Nintendo songs, as well as some from anime shows. In the game you'll play an instrument in the song, and as you progress you'll be required to play a variety of different instruments. Each song has around six to eight instruments that you can play. The game isn't controlled with the DS stylus, but rather with the face buttons and d-pad. Each instrument is assigned to one of the eight buttons. In the beginning of the game you'll only be required to use one of the eight buttons, but as you continue to play that number will rise until you see yourself using all eight buttons to control the eight different instruments in a song. You'll also need to eventually use the R and L buttons to alter the note. You'll keep your eyes on the top screen to see which buttons you'll have to press at which time. The game makes it clear as to when to press the button.

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