Jalhalla, also refered to as the Protector of the Seal, is the immense leader of the Poes in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It serves as the Boss of the Earth Temple. Jalhalla is in fact composed of many smaller Poes. It is the creature used by Ganondorf to kill Laruto, the previous Earth Sage.

Physical Appearance

When he and his gang are separated, Jalhalla resembles another Poe. Jalhalla and his gang use Jalhalla's mask to enter their powerful form. Jalhalla carries a lantern.


When Link breaks his way into the Earth Temple's core and first encounters him, Jalhalla still isn't formed. However, when he and the Poes present in the boss room notice Link, they jump into the mask found at the center of the room to become a giant Poe that Jalhalla controls. In battle, Jalhalla is invincible to most attacks, can use his lantern to throw fireballs, breath fire or just blow air at Link, which can make him collide with the spikes found on all the walls of the boss room, additionally, if Link touch Jalhalla while he is intengible, the controls will be reversed for a few seconds. To damage Jalhalla, Link must use his Mirror Shield to deflect the light comming from the ceilling in the direction of jalhalla, which will makes him fall on the floor and make him material.

While Jalhalla is stunned on the floor, Link must lift him with his Power Bracelets and throw him on the spikes, which will make him burst into the smaller Poes, which can now be destroyed five at a time. Link must repeat this operation until there is no Poe remaining. Once he loses his last minion, Jalhalla takes control of the mask itself and tries to escape, only to be hit by a beam of light and die as the mask's remains fall. This will effectively defeat the boss who leave behind a Heart Container and allows Medli to take Laruto's place as the new Earth Sage.

Jalhalla is later fought in Ganon's castle. He retains his attack pattern from before.


Figurine (Wind Waker)

"This gigantic ghost rules over all Poes. After reflecting light onto it with the Mirror Shield, you can lift it and throw it around."


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