Jack Vandham or Commander Vandham is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He is the commanding officer of BLADE, and was formerly the chief engineer on the White Whale. He is said to be an open-minded individual, yet this is often overshadowed by his arrogant and sarcastic personality. He is one of the three leaders of New Los Angeles along with Kentaro Nagi, the Secretary of Defense, and Maurice Chausson, the Director General.


During most of the Story, Vandham stay in NLA due to his position as Commander of the BLADE and send teams of BLADE agents to do the field work. During Chapter 8 however he assume direct command of all the teams and introduce himself as "Brigadier General Jack Vandham" and "Supreme Commander of the Defense Force of the Colony of New Los Angeles" to the Ganglion forces, Elma suggest that this is to intimidate their enemies. He later witness the betrayal of Lao and his escape with the Prog Ares. like the other two leaders, he supervised the retrieval of the data bank of the Lifehold Core and was surprised when he realised that the system was trashed down and somehow functional.

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