Itsuki Aoi (JP) is the protagonist of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. He's a normal high school student who doesn't really have any special talents. Being the "Lord" of the game, Itsuki is required to participate in every battle. He can promote to either a Conqueror or a Great Lord


Itsuki is an eighteen year-old (seventeen in the Japanese version) Japanese high school student that lives in Tokyo. A Mirage Master, he comes to form a bond with the Mirage Chrom and works at Fortuna Entertainment.

As he works with everyone, he helps them hone their performing skill. In the true ending, he takes over Fortuna Entertainment as Maiko returns to modelling. Itsuki's starting title is Everyman and his birthday is July 30.


TMS♯FE Itsuki Aoi stat portrait.png
Mirage Chrom
Class Lord
Level 1
Max HP 166 Max EP 74
Strength 11 Magic 7
Skill 10 Speed 11
Defense 10 Resistance 11
Equipment Skills
Is tmsfe sword.png Falchion
TMSFE Accessory icon.png Favorite Watch
Is tmsfe costume.png Lord Form
Is tmsfe elec.png Zio
Weaknesses and Resistances
Is tmsfe sword.png -- Is tmsfe lance.png Wk Is tmsfe axe.png Rs Is tmsfe bow.png -- Is tmsfe fire.png Wk
Is tmsfe ice.png -- Is tmsfe elec.png Rs Is tmsfe force.png -- Is tmsfe spirit.png -- Is tmsfe body.png --


Depending on what weapon Itsuki wields, he can learn different skills. He can wield these swords

  • Falchion
  • Iron Sword
  • Epee
  • Rapier
  • Answer
  • Balmung
  • Mercurius
  • Laevateinn
  • Claiomh Solais
  • Amatsu Mitsurugi
  • Mo Ye
  • Matador
  • Regal Sword
  • Noble Rapier
  • Grand Rapier
  • Tyrfing
  • Exalted Falchion
  • Mill Cutter
  • Durandal
  • Dainsleif
  • Deathbringer
  • Sol Katti
  • Mystletainn
  • Florete
  • True Sword Falchion

The skills can be seen here; Itsuki Aoi/Skills