Itadaki Street DS (いただきストリートDS, lit. "Top Street DS") is a Nintendo DS video game released exclusively in Japan in 2007. It features characters from the Dragon Quest and the Mario franchises. It has a sequel called Fortune Street which was released for the Wii in 2011. It was created by Square Enix. Like other installments in the Itadaki Street series, Itadaki Street DS is a Monopoly-like game that has some Mario Party-esque elements added to it due to the appearance of several Mario characters (minigames, for example). It was released on June 21, 2007 only in Japan.


Players move around the board, buying shops and collecting money from others who land on their shop spaces. Depending on circumstances, some players can forcibly take over another player's shop spaces, or make them inactive for a turn. Players can also hold shares of a block of spaces so that they get paid when someone lands on any space in that block, even if it is not their own.

Players get bonuses for leveling up, which is done by passing four special spaces on the board (each marked with a suit- Club, Diamond, Heart, and Spade) and then going to the Bank space. If the player lands on one of these special spaces instead of passing them, they get a chance to randomly draw a "chance card", which affects gameplay or a player. Usually, the goal is to reach a certain total property value and get to the Bank, or to make a player bankrupt. There is also a special "Casino" space where themed games of chance occur.


There are 23 playable characters in Itadaki Street DS (if the male and female avatars are counted as one character): Eleven from the Mario series and eleven from the Dragon Quest series. Players are also able to create and customize their own characters that can be played as. Although only four of the characters from both series are playable to begin with, the others can be unlocked by playing through the Tour Mode of the game. Additionally, there are also three Support/Guest characters that players can summon with the help of a card, but are not playable.

Name Series
Alena Dragon Quest
Angelo Dragon Quest
Bianca Dragon Quest
Birdo Super Mario
Bowser Super Mario
Donkey Kong Super Mario
Dragonlord Dragon Quest
Carver Dragon Quest
Jessica Dragon Quest
Kiryl Dragon Quest
Luigi Super Mario
Mario Super Mario
Mommonja Dragon Quest
Princess Daisy Super Mario
Princess Peach Super Mario
Pudding Draogn Quest
Slime Dragon Quest
Toad Super Mario
Waluigi Super Mario
Wario Super Mario
Yangus (kid) Dragon Quest
Yoshi Super Mario



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