Ismaire ​is a character from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. She can also be recruited in the Creature Campain.


Ismaire is the just, beautiful, and beloved queen of Jehanna, known as the 'Queen of White Dunes'. She took the throne in accordance with her dying husband's wish; and since she became busy with matters of governance, she could not make enough time for her son who then left the country. During the events of The Sacred Stones she is killed by Caellach because of her refusal to give up Jehanna's Sacred Stone. It is revealed, shortly before Ismaire draws her last breath, that the missing heir is in fact the sword fighter Joshua.

At the end of Chapter 14, whether Joshua is alive or not, the player will receive the Sacred Twins Audhulma and Excalibur from her.

If her stats are viewed before she leaves the map in Chapter 14: Queen of White Dunes she has an A rank of swords, as she was taught to use them by Carlyle. He was a vassal who was eventually led astray by his love for her, indirectly resulting in both their deaths.

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