Island Maze is a simple, strategic puzzle video game released for the Nintendo Switch console available on the eShop. Amongst a multitude of others, this game was marked for a launch date on September 20th coinciding with the release of Switch Lite.

This puzzle game consists of navigating a cube through isometric platforms to reach it towards a glowing key. The game tests puzzle gamers and requires them to think, whilst still giving off a relaxing atmosphere. 


The game is packed with 28 different stages, all of which though are featured in the same environment of grassy islands on blue oceans, rendered geometrically. The player has to move the cube from A to B through the stages that have been designed with tricky layouts, such as steep walls to climb.

Island Maze 1

Other cubes may appear on the stages which require the player to manipulate the environment and strategically use them to progress. Diamonds also feature on the stages which can be picked up and collected. 

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