Isabella ​is a CO in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. She is a member of the 12th Battalion.


Isabella is a mysterious girl. She is found in the remains of a Rubinelle city by Will, who took her back to the Legion encampment. She couldn't remember her own name, but knew many facts and about both the Rubinelle and Lazuria militaries. Will named Isabella after the synthetic flower he gave her.

Isabella was later struck down with the The Creeper but was able to fend off infection via sheer willpower. She travelled with the Legion, providing tactical assistance to the other COs. However, she was later taken hostage by Caulder.

It was during this time that she found out that she was a genetically altered clone of Stolos, along with her "sisters" Tabitha and Penny and "brother" Cyrus, created solely for experimentation. Isabella was rescued by Lin and Will and lended her assistance in defeating Caulder.

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