Isaac (ロビン, Robin in Japanese language versions) is a character from the Golden Sun series which debuted on the Game Boy Advance. He is the main character in the series (mostly in the original game, he does, however, play a part in the sequel.) which includes Golden Sun, and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Throughout most of the first game, he is at the age of seventeen, though at the beginning of the game he is fourteen. After a tragic incident where a huge rock crushed many of his friends and family, he decided to become an Adept and learn a magic ability called psynergy. He is the father of Matthew, the protagonist of the third game, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.


Golden Sun


Characters in Golden Sun can change class depending on the Djinn that they have. The following are a list of classes that Isaac can take over, and which Djinns he'll need to do so.

  • Squire - 0-1 Earth Djinn
  • Knight - 2-3 Earth Djinn
  • Gallant - 4-5 Earth Djinn
  • Lord - 6-7 Earth Djinn
  • Brute - 1 Fire Djinn
  • Ruffian - 2-3 Fire Djinn
  • Savage - 4 Fire Djinn
  • Barbarian - 5-7 Fire Djinn
  • Swordsman - 1 Water Djinn
  • Defender - 2-3 Water Djinn
  • Cavelier - 4-5 Water Djinn
  • (Water) Shaman - 6-7 Djinn
  • Apprentice - 1 Wind Djinn
  • Illusionist - 2-3 Wind Djinn
  • Enchanter - 4-5 Wind Djinn
  • (Wind) Shaman - 6-7 Djinn
  • Berserker - 1 Earth, 6 Fire
  • Guardian - 1 Earth, 6 Water
  • Conjurer - 1 Earth, 6 Wind
  • Dragoon - 3 Fire, 3-4 Water
  • Ninja - 3 Fire, 3-4 Wind
  • Samurai - 4 Fire, 3 Wind


Isaac’s render in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Isaac, as all characters in the game, will have a few items at the very beginning of the game. While you're free to change the items during the game to improved weapons and armor, the following are the ones you'll start with -

Isaac's first weapon will be a Short Sword, and his armor will be a Cotton Shirt. He'll also have 2 Herbs right at the beginning in case one of your characters is harmed during battle.

Super Smash Bros. series

Isaac also appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Ultimate as an unlockable Assist Trophy. He'd be unlocked once the player played 200 Brawls. In the game, he would use the Psynergy known as Move to push players off of the stage. It wouldn't inflict any damage, but could potentially K.O. an opponent by pushing them off of the stage. It should also be noted that there is a standard Trophy of the character as well.

Trophy description

"A strong-willed Psynergy adept of the bloodline of an ancient race thought to have been lost with the downfall of civilization. He can manipulate earth-based forces and is also a highly skilled swordsman. He sets out to protect a lighthouse that can release the sealed powers of alchemy. In Smash Bros., he uses "Move" Psynergy, which creates an energy field that pushes foes away."

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