Irina is a playable character in Xenoblade Chronicles X. She is a member of the Interceptors Division and part of the BLADE. She has a tomboyish attitude and like Gwin, she seem to have a deep respect for Elma.She is also the leader of her team.


Prior to Earth's destruction, she served in the Unified Government Forces Special Vehicle Guidance Squad under Elma's order. She lost her brother Leon when earth was destroyed.


The Class of Irina is an Alternative Psycorruptor. She wields a Knife and an Assault Rifle. Her two unique Arts are Smooth Recovery and Quick Cannon.




Name Affinity Level Location When Requirement
Maneater 1 Central Industrial District Night None
Dogged Obsession 2 Cathedral Night Dog
This Is My Rifle 3 Hangar Morning None
Charging In 4 Outfitters Test Hangar Anytime None
Boggled by the Googles 5 North Founders St. Anytime None

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