Irene is one of the Seven Sages in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. She is the apprentice of the Witch who lives near Zora's Domain.


Irene befriends Link early in his adventure, and offers to transport him to any Weather Vane he has activated. She gives Link a Bell that he can ring at any time to call her. Irene offers her assistance after receiving an alarming fortune from the Fortune Teller in which she is told to "take care of green" in order to avoid the worst outcome.

Irene is attacked by Yuga and turned into a Painting while at the Witch's House, sometime after Link has collected both the Pendants of Power and Wisdom. When Link visits the Witch's House, the Witch tells him how she was powerless to stop Yuga from taking Irene.

Irene appears in Lorule Castle when Yuga is using the power of the Seven Sages to revive Ganon. After Yuga merges with Ganon, her Painting is sent to the Misery Mire , but can only be accessed after traversing the Desert Palace in Hyrule. Link rescues Irene after defeating Zaganaga. In the Chamber of Sages, she yells at Link for taking so long, but quickly forgives him and urges him to rescue the other Sages. She also tells the young hero that she'll write him a long thank-you letter once he has rescued all of the Sages. Irene remains in the Chamber of Sages until the Triforce is returned to Hyrule, at which point, she returns to the Witch's House to continue her training. Even after being rescued, Irene continues to speak to Link whenever he uses the Bell.

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