Innes is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He is the prince of Frelia and the older brother of Tana. He is famed for his immense skill with the bow and his tactical prowess.


In the B support conversation between Moulder and Vanessa, it is revealed that ten years prior the storyline, a foreign archer of great renown came to the palace to display his skills. Although Innes was still young, he demanded to match his own skills with the foreigner's. The two of them scored many perfect hits even though the target was moved farther away after each one. The foreigner eventually became tired and and offered to place the target too far away for Innes to hit for one last shot. While the foreigner barely hit it, Innes simply tilted his bow upward and achieved another perfect shot. The foreign archer finally gave up and Innes won the contest.

During the events of the game, Innes departs from Frelia and begins to travel to Jehanna. However, while he is in Carcino, he becomes trapped in an increasingly dire situation as Pablo and his mercenaries make several attempts to kill him. Eventually, Innes tells Gerik and Tethys to leave, surrender, or flee because he thinks that they will be in his way. However, both Gerik and Tethys refuse to do so and enter the coming battle alongside him. Around this time, he is reinforced by Eirika and thereafter joins her army. From this point on, he accompanies her and occasionally gives his thoughts about some of the events that occur.

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