Pile Man, also known as Impact Man when he got corrupted by Doctor Wily, is a Robot Master who appears in Mega Man 11. He's an all-purpose construction robot who specializes in piling. He has a yellow and orange body and spikes on his arms, allowing him to use his special weapon, the Pile Driver. Pile Man is dedicated to his job and has never been one to leave a task unfinished. Even after being stolen and modified by Dr. Wily, Pile Man/Impact Man continued to carry out his duties, rounding up a gang of construction robots and took up residence in an abandoned construction zone so he and his comrades could continue working on it. He bears the serial number DLN-087.

As Impact Man, Pile Man has construction-themed robot monsters to defend his construction site, including shieldless Pickelmen and Aku Handas.

When he and Mega Man do battle, Pile Man/Impact Man dashes forward to try to skewer Mega Man. After he loses some HP (losing 20% his total life bar at the highest levels and 45% otherwise), Pile Man fuses with six Impact Brothers to transform into a giant jackhammer that tries to smash Mega Man into the ground, shouting, "Slam attack!" or roaring ferociously with each slam. His weakness is the Acid Barrier's projectiles, which can corrode his spikes.


  • Pile Man is the only Robot Master to suffer name changing in the game, becoming "Impact Man".
  • He is the only Robot Master to have no hands in Mega Man 11.
  • This Robot Master is unique in that he has indestructible minions in his stage. The Impact Brothers fill that role.
  • His weakness to the Acid Barrier references the corrosive properties of acid.