Ilios ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is a knight of Friege who guards the Norden Line under orders from Kempf, whom he dislikes. Being of common birth, he dreams of becoming a noble someday. He has a complex toward his peasant heritage and Karin teases him about it, namely by dubbing him "Olson".


Ilios is introduced in Chapter 16A at his post in the front lines, where he is placed to defend Kempf. If Karin speaks to him during the chapter, she convinces him to defect to Leif's army, but only if Olwen is dead or not recruited. For the duration of the liberation war, Ilios fights alongside Leif and aids him in freeing the northern kingdoms of the Thracia Peninsula from the Grannvale Empire's forces.

In the ending, Ilios finally becomes a noble and receives control of some lands in the Thracia Peninsula. However, his lack of strength in politics and poorness at managing his land causes him to lose his position, although he is not punished very severely because of his contributions in the war to liberate the peninsula. In his boredom, he often catches unsuspecting personnel and rambles about his past glory to them.

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