Ikaruga is a critically praised vertical scrolling shooter that was developed by Treasure Co. Ltd. It is unique in that it utilizes a color switching mechanic to fight enemies. Nicalis later worked with Treasure to port the game to the Switch, including a mode that uses the Switch vertically.


The game is a vertical scrolling shooter. Instead of power-ups, the player relies on their standard weapon, a homing laser and the polarity system. The polarity system enables the player to switch their ships between white and black at the press of a button and allow the player absorb shots of the same color. However, if the player's ship is the opposite color, they will deal double damage. The player's homing laser becomes more powerful with every 10 shots absorbed with a maximum of 12 lasers that can be stored.

The game consists of 5 stages and three levels of difficulty. The game even supports cooperative play. To get a high score, the must destroy enemies in a chain bonus to get multipliers. The bonus multipliers reset when an enemy is defeated out of order. The game also features modes to practice stages at slower speeds and also featuring the prototype mode which limits ammo to what is absorbed and bullet eater which the player cannot shoot, but goes through a stage by absorbing bullets.



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