A map of Ikana

In the The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Ikana is a place to the East and is shrouded in mystery. An intesting thing about it is that in Japanese, "Ikan" means "regret". And the man who is at the entrance says "Ikana hill beyond here is a place where spirits with troubles and lingering regrets wander." There is a graveyard, a castle, a well and a tower there. The last king of Ikana was Igos Du Ikana. It is unknown whether Igos was a title (like king) or just his name. The Ikanans were a blood thirsty people. This may have caused their downfall. It's known they were enemies of the Garo, a race of Ninja-like people who spied on Ikana. In Majora's Mask, a man said "They are ghosts, merely shells that are empty on the inside. They have been unable to forget their living days." When fought and defeated, they end their life by saying "R-regrettable, although my rival you were spectacular. I shall take my bow opening my heart and revealing my wisdom..." then they give you advice, followed by "That is all I know. Beleif or disbeleif rests with you. To die without leaving a corpse... That is the way of us Garo." and then they burn up in green flame. It is unknown if they did this while they were alive. The well is the hiding place of Gibdos, mummified men who were cursed while searching for a treasure (the mirror shield). If shot with Fire Arrows, they burn up into ReDeads. ReDeads dance whenever the Garo Mask, Captain's Hat or Gibdo Mask are worn. The odd thing about that is, the Captain's Hat belonged to an Ikanan (Captain Keeta) and, as mentioned before, the Ikanans and Garo were enemies. The Ikanans and Gibdo were probably at war too, because Gibdos still attack Link even if he wears the Captain's Hat. The Ikana Graveyard has Iron Knuckles in it, and it was stated that the Graveyard was all members of the Royal Family of Ikana. So Iron Knuckles were probably the Elite of Ikana's army, bodyguards, or the Royal Army.

Trying to Enter With Different Masks

If you try to enter Ikana without a mask on, the guy says:
"What are you doing in a place like this?"
"Ikana Hill beyond here is the place where spirits with troubles and lingering regrets wander"
"Even now, the spirits wander in search of one who can save them."
"It is unfortunate, but it is no place for one such as you."
"But, if you must enter, then you must obtain the mask containing the wandering spiritsthat can be found near the ranch."
"Without that mask you cannot save their souls."
"Until then, I will not let you pass by here."

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