​Ignatius​ is a playable character from Fire Emblem Fates on the Conquest and Revelation ​paths.


Though he looks unsociable at first glance, Ignatius is a timid person, much like his [[Benny (Fire Emblem)|father ] is; but is noted to be much kinder than he looks. He is fond of cute things. He is shown to treasure a charm given to him by his father to protect him. His supports with his father show that the two can be quite awkward around each other and are quite unsure of what to say when alone together.

In addition to his timid nature, he is deeply afraid of bugs to the point where it is shown he usually gets his mother to handle any bugs that bother him. He is also afraid of ghosts and clowns, as revealed in his supports with Selkie.

His birthday is August 16.

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