Ice Man is a Robot Master created by Dr. Light, but reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. He was first seen in Mega Man as one of the games 6 Robot Masters. Ice Man had been rebuilt to help mankind but however he like the others is prey to being reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, this has cause Iceman to have a split personality from being the sweet lovable kid, to a harsh commander.


Ice Man's Ice Slashers are deadly which could deal 1/3 of Mega Man's health so be ready to evade his attacks. Ice Man shoots with 3 Ice Slashers that flies from the ground to the top on the first wave, then from top to bottom on the second wave. He will then skate forward then do the same pattern again. To evade the first wave you can hurdle over the ground & middle shots in one leap forward; then on the second wave, you can hurdle over the ground shot. Prepare to jump over him when you are pinned between him & the wall, then move far away from him. Be careful on the slippery floor, you can stop sliding my doing a short jump & stay in position.

Ice Man is weak against Thunder Beam, which you will get from Elec Man if you defeat him beforehand. I only takes 3 Thunder Beams to defeat Ice Man.

In Dr. Wily Stage 4, you will encounter him again for a rematch. Use the Thunder Beam to defeat him easily.

Other media

Ice Man only appeared in Ice Age. He previously appeared in The Beginning with no lines. He had a bigger role with Air Man, except his mouth flashes when he speaks. He has an army of Ice Bots.

Ice Man in Captain N is aqua and has a plasma gun. Ice Man was mentioned in Nightmare on Mother Brain's Street, but wasn't seen.


  • It is stated that Iceman has a crush on Roll.
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