The Ice Cavern is a minor area featured in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that can arguably be considered a miniature dungeon. It can only be traversed after Link becomes an adult, as the ice blocks that are found in Zora's Fountain will act as platforms to it (Ganondorf placed a curse in this region which froze all of the Zora's property, including the race themselves). Before it was frozen, the Ice Cavern was apparently a hot spring, though Link could not enter inside of it.

The primary element in this cavern is ice, as its name suggests. Throughout the cavern you'll find treasure encased in red ice that can be melted by using the Blue Fire, which can be trapped inside of the players' bottles. You'll also find entire walls constructed of this red ice, which will subsequently melt after poring this blue fire on top of it.

In the end of the area you'll be required to fight the White Wolfos. Following its defeat, you'll be rewarded with the Iron Boots, which allow the player to walk on the bottom of a body of water (coupled with the Zora Tunic a player can breath underwater). Following this find, Sheik will appear and teach Link the Serenade of Water, a new song.

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