Ice is one of the 18 Pokémon types.

List of ice-type Pokémon

Pokémon Type Information
PKMN087 Dewgong WaterWaterIceIce
PKMN091 Cloyster WaterWaterIceIce
PKMN124 Jynx IceIcePsychicPsychic
PKMN131 Lapras WaterWaterIceIce
PKMN144 Articuno IceIceFlyingFlying
PKMN215 Sneasel DarkDarkIceIce
PKMN220 Swinub IceIceGroundGround
PKMN221 Piloswine IceIceGroundGround
PKMN225 Delibird IceIceFlyingFlying
PKMN238 Smoochum IceIcePsychicPsychic
PKMN361 Snorunt IceIce
PKMN362 Glalie IceIce
PKMN363 Spheal IceIceWaterWater
PKMN364 Sealeo IceIceWaterWater
PKMN365 Walrein IceIceWaterWater
PKMN378 Regice IceIce
PKMN459 Snover GrassGrassIceIce
PKMN460 Abomasnow GrassGrassIceIce
PKMN461 Weavile DarkDarkIceIce
PKMN471 Glaceon IceIce
PKMN473 Mamoswine IceIceGroundGround
PKMN478 Froslass
PKMN582 Vanillite IceIce
PKMN583 Vanillish IceIce
PKMN584 Vanilluxe IceIce
PKMN613 Cubchoo IceIce
PKMN614 Beartic IceIce
PKMN615 Cryogonal IceIce
PKMN646 Kyurem DragonDragonIceIce
PKMNXY698 Amaura RockRockIceIce
PKMNXY699 Aurorus RockRockIceIce
PKMNXY712 Bergmite IceIce
PKMNXY713 Avalugg IceIce
PKMNSM740 Crabominable FightingFightingIceIce

Alternate forms

Pokémon Type Information
PKMNSM027-A Sandshrew IceIceSteelSteel
PKMNSM028-A Sandslash IceIceSteelSteel
PKMNSM037-A Vulpix IceIce
PKMNSM038-A Ninetales IceIceFairyFairy
PKMN351-H Castform
Snowy Form
PKMN362-M Mega Glalie IceIce
PKMN460-M Mega Abomasnow GrassGrassIceIce
PKMN479-R Frost Rotom ElectricElectricIceIce
PKMN493-Ice Arceus IceIce
PKMN646-W White Kyurem DragonDragonIceIce
PKMN646-B Black Kyurem DragonDragonIceIce
120px Silvally IceIce

List of ice-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Ice PunchPhysicalPhysical Beauty1575100%First
Ice BeamSpecialSpecialBeauty1095100%First
Aurora BeamSpecialSpecialBeauty2065100%First
Powder SnowSpecialSpecialBeauty2540100%Second
Icy WindSpecialSpecialBeauty155595%Second
Ice BallPhysicalPhysical Beauty203090%Third
Sheer ColdSpecialSpecialBeauty5OHKOThird
Icicle SpearPhysicalPhysical Beauty3025100%Third
AvalanchePhysicalPhysical Cool1060100%Fourth
Ice ShardPhysicalPhysical Beauty3040100%Fourth
Ice FangPhysicalPhysical Cool156595%Fourth
Frost BreathSpecialSpecialBeautiful104090%Fifth
Freeze ShockPhysicalPhysical Beautiful514090%Fifth
Ice BurnSpecialSpecialBeautiful514090%Fifth
Icicle CrashPhysicalPhysical Beautiful108590%Fifth
Freeze Dry SpecialSpecial Beautiful 20 70 100% Sixth
Aurora Veil StatusStatus ??? 20 Seventh
Ice Hammer PhysicalPhysical ??? 10 100 90% Seventh


  • Subzero Slammer (Icium Z)
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