IGN (formerly Imagine Games Network) is a website owned by News Corp. It mainly features information on video games, as IGN began as a collection of video gaming sites. IGN also contains "channels" for other types of media, including movies, comics, and cars.

IGN's video game coverage includes cheats, guides, FAQs, previews, reviews, editorials, and more. IGN has been covering games from the N64/PSX generation all the way up to the Wii/360/PS3 generation. They also feature message boards that can be accessed with registration.

Their main competitors are Gamespot and 1UP. Many people will argue that IGN updates more on Nintendo news than either of them, but many say that IGN tends to be biased against Nintendo as well (especially the "kiddish" (as they like to call them) ones, like Kirby).


Some covers of the Okami Wii Game have the IGN watermark on it.

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