Hyrule is the Name of Several kingdoms on different Continents of a world in The Legend of Zelda series. It first appeared in The Legend of Zelda for the NES the 1980s, and has reappeared in most games of the series since then regardless of being unrelated Hyrules in different game worlds. At least being referenced to in the games in which it's not present. Outside of the series it has been featured in games such as Super Smash Bros. and its sequels Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


The Creation of Hyrule

Three Goddesses by the names of Din, Nayru, and Farore took it upon themselves to create a new world named Hyrule. Each infused their powers to create the new world, each with a unique ability. After Hyrule had been created, they returned back to the heavens and gave responsibilities to the many races that they had created to uphold the laws of nature that they had developed. Upon leaving they left behind the Triforce to symbolize their utmost power, which contained three segments each representing a different quality including Power, Wisdom, and Courage. The one who would come in possession of the Triforce would have his or her wishes fulfilled, whether it be for good or for bad.

Because of the Triforces' inability to comprehend the difference between good and bad, seven appointed sages crafted a blade called the Master Sword which was made so powerful that it could thwart one that wielded the Triforce who had a darkened heart. Only those with a righteous mind who proved themselves worthy could use the Master Sword.

A prophesy foretold of a future when an evil darklord would desire to make the Triforce his own, and that a hero would arise to wield the Blade of Evil's Bane and destroy the one who planned to abuse the power of the Triforce. With the help of the seven sages, this would be accomplished.

The battle for the Triforce

The many different races each upheld their responsibilities given to them by the goddesses. They each lived separately from one another, though for the most part were not enemies to one another, though contact was limited. The Hylians were the ones in power, though the other races had their own distinct qualities that bested those of the Hylians.

The location and the very existence of the Triforce and the Sacred Realm was known by few. The higher ups in the Hyrulian government knew of it, though they kept it a secret from other tribes to prevent civil war. Though word eventually got out and the various races across Hyrule would find of its existence, and almost automatically would attempt to gain its power. The first race to do so were the ones known as the Dark Interlopers. Their attempt to gain access to the Triforce brought fear into the other races. Ultimately in the end, the goddesses would punish the Dark Interlopers by banishing them to the world of the Twilight Realm.

The other races across Hyrule eventually would want the Triforce for themselves, each one having mixed reasons. Some wanted the Triforce to simply keep it from those who desired it for evil, while others wished to abuse its power. A war broke out among the races, and one women who had just given birth fled to a secure area whose race was not willing to partake in the conflict: the Kokiri. The Kokiri Forest was hidden from the rest of the world, and the childlike race wasn't interested in the doings of the outside world. The guardian of the forest and of the species was Great Deku Tree. The women who brought the child to him died shortly thereafter due to battle wounds. Though the Great Deku Tree would raise him as a Kokiri. The child's name was Link, and he would become the savior of Hyrule.

As Link grew up, his true identity as a Hylian was unknown to him. The Great Deku Tree would wait for another time when he was old enough to tell him of his heritage. The Deku tree knew of the child's future, and his destiny to save the world from evil. He would let destiny take its course and would not inform Link of his future. The prophesy that was foretold ages ago came true when the Gerudo king with a heart full of darkness and the bearer of the Triforce of Power developed a desire for the Triforce. He decided to seek out the keys to open the Sacred Realm, which included three stones and the Ocarina of Time. The Great Deku Tree held within him one of the Spiritual Stones, and refused Ganondorf access to it. Enraged, Ganondorf set a curse on the tree which would claim his life. In his final words, the Great Deku Tree told Link of his future, and that he was required to take the Spiritual Stone to Hyrule Castle Town.


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