HyperZone is an early Super Nintendo Entertainment System game by HAL Laboratory. It is a 3D shooting game like Space Harrier that takes advantage of the system's Mode 7 functions.


The game is a 3D shooter with the player shooting forward into the screen. The stage has displays a track and mirrors it on the ceiling. The player has to stay on the track or the ship will lose health. The player can only recover health at special zones in stages. The player can earn lives with enough points. Each stage gives the player a new ship with more powerful shots and better charge.


There are 8 levels in the game, each with a different theme and bosses. The final level is a boss gauntlet,


The game seems to have partial stereoscopic 3D support, though it cannot be enabled without a cheat code.

The game has the stage graphics between Stage 1 and Stage 3 switched in the western versions though the level and enemy layout is the same.


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