Hyness is the leader of the four Jambastion Mages, a group of powerful magic users who worship Void Termina. His goal is to resurrect Void Termina to have his revenge against those who banished them to the edge of the galaxy.


Long ago, the Jambastion Cult saved everyone for something Hyness refers to as the "galactic crisis," but they were banished by an unknown group of technologically advanced beings, presumably the Ancients. The Ancients then tried to erase them from history. After that, Hyness decided to revive Void Termina, an ancient evil that was sealed long ago by four heroes, to have his revenge on the Ancients.

Kirby eventually defeated the three generals and reach Hyness, who confronts him after Zan Partizanne's defeat. Kirby manage to defeat him, but Hyness sacrifices the three sisters and himself to complete the ritual and resurrect the Dark Lord. During the second phase of the fight against Void Termina, Hyness, Zan Partizanne, Flamberge and Francisca are all seen trapped in cocoons near the Dark Lord's core. When Kirby destroys the outer shell of the core, the four mages are sent flying into space.


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