A Female and Male Hylian as seen in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Hylians are a humanoid species in the Zelda series of video games. They appear in every game to date. This is mainly because two of the main characters Link and Princess Zelda are Hylians. The species' name comes from the Goddess who protected the Triforce in ancient times, Hylia. Hylians themselves are descended from those who lived among the Goddess before Demise's invasion of the land. Hylians alongside the Gorons are one of the oldest species in the Timeline and have lived in various different countries of their own since they were originally casted into the sky by Hylia to protect them from Demise's rampage. The major Hylian inhabited countries went by the name of Skyloft, Hyrule, the Great Sea and New Hyrule, each one being a continuation of the last after a world changing event. Hylians are also known as the oldest organized civilization in the series as they already had a functioning capital at the time of Skyloft while all of the other species of that time were either nomads or lived in small groups with no real infrastructures.

Hylians are usually recognized by their pointy ears, which symbolize ones' ability to ear the voices of the Gods. Humans also exist in the Zelda series and are usually the same as Hylians except for the shape of their ears. Aside from that they usually are similar to the point that they may even be considered two different races of the same species. Most non Hylian races even refer to the entirety of the species as either "Hylian"or "Human" depending on the time period and regardless of the shape of their ears. A lot of settlements found beyond Hyrule are actually populated in majority by Humans like Koholint Island, Labrynna, Holodrum and Hyrtopia while mainland Hyrule regardless of the time period is populated mainly by Hylians.


-Legend of Zelda-

A Hylian named Link Defeats Gannon and rescues Zelda.

-Link's Adventure-

A hylian named Link Has Rescued the Princess Zelda but now he must figure out how to revive her from her sleep. Eventually Link Defeats Gannon for a second time.

-A Link to the Past-

A second Hylian man named Link in another country named Hyrule. He will have to Defeat the forces of evil led by Agahnim. Agahnim is defeated but he succeeds in Destroying Hyrule with a curse. The quest continues until the curse over Hyrule is broken.


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