Hydlide 3: Visitors from Darkness is a role-playing video game released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Action RPG corresponding to Hydlide Series Final. Subtitle is "The Space Memories".


With Hydlide II as Foundation, the Graphic and Sound aspects have been greatly enhanced, and the Story, which used to be just a simple dialogue and text display, has become solid. Attack has been changed from the previous Tackle by waving Weapon. Various "realistic" systems, such as Time, Meal, Sleep, Weight, were incorporated into the Game System. However, their management is, of course, cumbersome, because the money is even heavy, and they must constantly carry and change money with them. The notation "3" is Arabic, not Roman. The reason that it did not become "III" is said to be that when he made II, he said, "I will not make III." The Hydlide Series and Nihon Falcom's Action RPG, which were often compared, were coincidental with the simultaneous release of 'Ys' and 'Spotlight processing in Cave'


After the devastating Evil Crystal shattered, Fairy Land regained its peace and a long time passed. Throughout history, Kingdom has evolved, and people have expanded their city and enjoyed a rich life. Over time, Magic became a part of our lives, the Fairy and the others disappeared, and Fairy Land became like Human World. However, at one Night, the Big Pillar of Fire rose to Fairy Land with the sound of the ground, and the next day, strange phenomena began to occur in various places, and strange Doors, cracks and Monsters appeared. Monks et al. Ordered a young man to determine the cause.

The series

  • 1984: Hydlide (home computers only)
  • 1985: Hydlide II: Shine of Darkness (home computers only)
  • 1986: Hydlide Special (localized as "Hydlide": this game)
  • 1987: Hydlide 3: Visitors from Darkness (ported to NES in 1989; localized for Sega Mega Drive only)
  • 1995: Virtual Hydlide (Sega Saturn only)


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