Hybrid Heaven is a game released for the Nintendo 64.

Game genre

Hybrid Heaven is officially labeled as a role-playing game, although it lacks all the important elements that characterize this genre. Namely:

  1. Text rich: In RPGs it is necessary to interact with non-player characters in order to advance with the plot; finding the appropriate character to talk to is part of the game. None of this is present in Hybrid Heaven.
  2. Exploration: In RPGs all stages/dungeons are connected through an overworld; it is always possible to backtrack to a previous stage and navigate it again. None of this is available in Hybrid Heaven.
  3. Permanent upgrades and items: RPGs characters have several attributes/statistics that grow with game progression; characters can also find a wide array of permanent items that grant special abilities. In Hybrid Heaven there are attributes that grow with experience, but the only items that can be collected are consumables.

Therefore, this analysis shows that Hybrid Heaven is a mislabeled action game.

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