Hulu (formerly known as Hulu Plus) is a streaming video service first released for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii systems. It later launched on the Wii U and Switch. Hulu Plus began as a paid feature provided by Hulu to let subscribers watch shows on other devices. The channel was released in 2011 but has been discontinued for the 3DS and Wii systems as of January 30, 2019. The service is now exclusively paid but now offers options for Live TV and paid channels like Starz or HBO


Hulu allows the user to watch a selection of TV shows and movies streamed to the console similar to Netflix. The service is only available to North American and Japanese users. Subscribers have 3 tiers to choose from; the basic which comes with ads but is the cheapest, the no ads and the Live TV bundle which offers a selection of TV channels that the users can watch live including sports and news. There are also add-ons that add specific channels and their exclusive shows like HBO and Starz.


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