Hugo Ardanach is a main playable character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country. He is the Emperor of Mor Ardain during the Aegis War and one of Niall's ancestors. His Blades are Brighid and Aegaeon.


Hugo is the Emperor of Mor Ardain. His brother was unable to become a Driver, so Hugo accordingly became the Driver of both Brighid and Aegaeon. His brother rules in his absence and has given the Special Inquisitor instructions to retrieve his Core Crystals should he fall in battle. Hugo and Addam have an undisclosed history together and were once very good friends. Both Hugo and Addam share a distaste for ruling over others.

Hugo makes his appearance after Brighid mistakes Lora and Addam as the destructors of Torigoth. He notes that Mor Ardain has also been impacted by Malos' rampage and that he has come in search for him. He and Aegaeon suggest that they meet on the Ardainian flagship to discuss the next path forward. On the flagship, he reveals that rogue Coeian forces were responsible for Torigoth's destruction. He later sends a few soldiers in attempt to capture Gort but is unsuccessful.

He notifies Addam of his militia being taken over by the Kingdom of Uraya and joins the group as they travel to Aletta. He then briefly leaves the party to lead an expedition against rogue Coeian forces but rejoins the group as they head for Auresco. The Tornan King thanks Hugo for his assistance, but Hugo claims he only followed Addam's lead. He combats Malos at the royal gardens and pledges his assistance to stop Malos at the Tornan Titan's core. After Mythra's Siren unleashes an attack that destroys the Titan's core, Hugo shields Addam from the ensuing explosion and dies, much to Addam's dismay. His body is taken away on an Ardainian warship, and Lora gives the Special Inquisitor the Core Crystals of Brighid and Aegaeon.

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