Hoy Quarlow made his only appearance in the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!! as the second opponent in the Special Circuit. He is from Beijing, China. He is one of the three Punch-Out!! boxers that do not have a palette swap, the other two are Narcis Prince and King Hippo. He and Dragon Chan's nationalities are Chinese.


Super Punch-Out!!

Hoy Quarlow brings a wooden staff to enter the ring. Though, it's against the rules, because that should supposed to be a boxing match. Like Dragon Chan, he does kung-fu fighting and kickboxing. His attacks are very fast and hard to avoid. If he block's Mac's punches, he will push him to the side.

He has two special attacks that he waves his staff and thrusts it at Mac a few times at the head and body. He will jab Mac's head three times and two times on the body twice. He also has an attack, similar to Super Macho Man's clothesline as Mac can only duck it.

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