Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is a video game for the Nintendo DS. It was announced at E3 2006. It was published by Nintendo, and developed by Cing, the developer of Another Code: Two Memories.


The game takes place on December 28 and 29, 1979. Kyle Hyde, a former N.Y.P.D detective searching for his partner Brian Bradley, now a traveling salesman arrives at Hotel Dusk to find some things. He's still searching for Bradley even though he's a salesman. As the night goes on, Kyle becomes entangled in the guests' web of lies, betrayal and murder.



There are about fifteen or so guest rooms at Hotel Dusk. Kyle's room is Room 215, which Dunning Smith calls "Wish", on the account that it apparently grants peoples wishes. Dunning Smith has named every room a name, each one that can be seen on the Hotel's map. There is only one guest room on level one - Room 111. Right across from Room 215 is Room 216, where Iris stays. Three of the hotel rooms haven't been available for six months for an unknown reason.

Types of puzzles[]

  • Jigsaw puzzle - The first puzzle that Kyle will encounter is a simple, half done jigsaw puzzle that guest Melissa can't solve. Later on in the game, you will have to solve the whole puzzle.
  • Codes - Found later in the game, Kyle will have to crack codes.


The game has gotten amazing reviews from major critics. One reviewer from Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the game a 10, others have also gave the game 9's and 8's.


In January 2010, Last Window: Mayaonaka No Yakusoku was released in Japan and is a sequel to Hotel Dusk. A date has not been announced for a North American release due to Cing going bankrupt. Many speculate it will not be localized for North American viewers, however, Nintendo of Europe has aquired the rights to release the game. It has been announced that Last Window: The Secret of Cape West would be released in Europe on September 17, 2010. At this time, an American release is still not confirmed.

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