Hot Wheels Unleashed is a racing game for the Switch based on the Hot Wheels series of toys. It is developed by Milestone and published by its parent company, Koch Media. The main mechanic of the game is to create the courses by building the track set as if they were toys in the player's living room.


The game is played in a third person perspective with the controls more like an arcade game with the cars able to fly off the track if they go too fast. The player can customize their car with 66 models available in the base game, The game features a career mode, time trials and multiplayer. The player can compete with another player in local splitscreen but, also has the ability to join an online session with up to 12 players in a race.

Beyond racing, the player can create tracks using the in-game track editor. The tracks start with the environment which is essentially the room with furniture that the course can be built around, The Basement environment can be specially customized for the player. the track pieces can be bent, stretched and twisted to the player's liking. Additionally, there are customizations that add effects for the car going over them like boost pads or magnetic pads that keep the cars attached to the track. The player can also add track modules, special parts that add special hazards to the track like a dinosaur or a snake head that leads into a loop.

Additional Content

The game has additional content in the form of the Hot Wheels Pass. Each volume of the pass includes an themed expansion, a set of up to 10 vehicles, which most of them based on licenses such as Street Fighter, BMW and Barbie, 3 Customization Packs and 3 additional Track Builder modules. Each of these listed items can be bought individually.

Additionally, there are special Racing Seasons that available for a limited time. By completing content during the Racing Season, the player can earn some additional themed customization and gear. With the Premium Season Pass, the player also gets vehicles themed with the season, customization for the player's Basement and profile items.