Horror Land is one of the boards in Mario Party 2. It takes place in a haunted forest with the players being referred to as Wizard. The main gimmick of this board is the alternating day and night cycle that occurs every two turns

Board Elements

The day and night cycle mainly changes the availability of the various Boos on the board including the Big Boo that appears in the upper right corner of the map behind a door and steal from all the players at triple the price.

This stage has a variety of junctions with Whomps guarding three specific ones. if a player reaches one of these junctions, they can pay 5 Coins to go down the path the Whomp is guarding or take the other path. The Whomp moves to that path the player takes, similar to the ones in DK's Jungle Adventure. During the night, the Whomps are unable to move.

If the player passes the Mr. I space, they can pay 10 Coins (5 coins at night) to warp to the other Mr I space on the other side of the board along with everyone else on the path.

To change the time of day, the play can go to top left of the map. During the day, the player can pay 10 Coins to Kamek for him to turn on the Darkness Lamp. At nighttime, players come to the dancefloor and are asked by Boos and Mr. I to dance with them for 20 Coins. This turns night to day.

Happening Space

Landing on the happening space will change from day to night for free.

Board Minigames

The Item Minigame is Coffin Congestion. The items in coffins warp to other coffins until the game starts. The player then ground-pound or punch a coffin with the desired item. If the player does nothing or get Baby Bowser, they gain nothing.

The duel minigame is Mushroom Brew. The two plays add the mushrooms according to the Goomba into the brew. In the end, the player that adds the most mushrooms creates a Star and earns the Coins betted before the minigame.


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