Hopping Game

Boxart for the game.

Hopping Game is a toy Nintendo released in Japan for 980 yen in 1970. Being similar to Tiddlywinks, it's unclear whether Nintendo received the license for the game or simply made their own version of it (the subject of licensing varies with Nintendo, as there have been occasions when they received the license for a product but at the same time they would sometimes avoid the issue by altering the game slightly, thus avoiding potential lawsuits). It should be noted that the boxart of the game features Caucasians, which was rare for a toy that was designed in Japan, suggesting that Nintendo was given the rights to produce the game from a Western company and was given the artwork.

The game came with three different sets of cones, all colored differently (blue, yellow, and red). Each user was given all of the cones of one color and was tasked with launching their cones onto the circular platform. It would only count if they managed to fit the bottom portion of the cone in the circular holes. The first player to successfully launch all of their cones into the slots won the game.

A version of Hopping Game was released as part of the Mini Game Series line of toys that could only be played by two people.


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