The hookshot is a recurring item from The Legend of Zelda series. It is a spring-loaded grappling hook used to propel Link up certain surfaces or pull objects towards him.

The tip is a spike which is propelled out of the main body attached to a chain. The spike will fly through the air until it sticks to something or until it runs out of chain. Once it sticks the holder of the Hookshot will be dragged through the air on the chain. If the holder is wearing Iron Boots, the location the spike is stuck to may come off the wall to reveal goodies.

Game Appearances

Various other similar items have appeared throughout the series including the Grappling Hook, the Switch Hook, and the Clawshot from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Hyrule Warriors

The hookshot appears in the game, Hyrule Warriors as a special item every character can use. When the Great Fairy upgrades this item, it will bring down the moon from Majora's Mask. This can be used in crowds to deal much damage and stun them a bit.  There are two other main  uses.

The first use is to move the character to places they normally cannot go to since in Hyrule Warriors, the characters cannot jump or climb.

The second use is to bring down Argorok. This may require the player to first upgrade the hookshot. After Argorok is on the base level, he will need to be hookshotted again to bring him down and attacked to be defeated.

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